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Our leadership team is comprised of talented, driven individuals. We pride ourselves on quality, communication, and problem solving for our clients. We are proud to introduce the Mahaney Group leadership team!

  • Mark Bolt
    Mark Bolt
  • Morgan Cabral
    Morgan Cabral
    Vice President - Human Resources
  • April Lyerla
    April Lyerla
  • Dane Estok
    Dane Estok
    Vice President - Services
  • Kyle Harryman
    Kyle Harryman
    Vice President - Metals
  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez
    Project Manager – Roofing
  • Spencer Unruh
    Spencer Unruh
    Project Manager - Roofing
  • Josh Sherwood
    Josh Sherwood
    Senior Project Manager - Steel
  • Austin Rodriguez
    Austin Rodriguez
    Project Manager - Metals
  • Kale Rowley
    Kale Rowley
    Project Manager - Steel
  • Ron Robey
    Ron Robey
  • Julie Quastad
    Julie Quastad
    Service Coordinator
  • Tim Schoenhofer
    Tim Schoenhofer
    Facilities Inspector
  • Rudy Ramirez
    Rudy Ramirez
    Employee Development Coordinator
  • Sharon Etheridge
    Sharon Etheridge
    Human Resources Generalist
  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart
    Safety Manager
  • Robin Roberts
    Robin Roberts
    Project Manager - Steel
  • Belle Stewart
    Belle Stewart
    Director of Project Management
  • Gregg Brant
    Gregg Brant
    Superintendent - Steel
  • Lupe Arguelles
    Lupe Arguelles
    Superintendent - Roofing
  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson
    Superintendent - Metals
  • Nick Cusick
    Nick Cusick
    Superintendent/Project Manager
  • Tim Tyler
    Tim Tyler
    Superintendent- Services
  • Ty Oliver
    Ty Oliver
    Fleet Manager
  • Jennifer Archer
    Jennifer Archer
    Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Keila Garcia
    Keila Garcia
    Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Victoria Bergkamp
    Victoria Bergkamp
    Human Resources Assistant
  • Ron Hunt
    Ron Hunt
    Accounts Receivable Specialist
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