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Champion Highlight | Reyes Jasso

April's Champion is Mahaney Metals Foreman Reyes Jasso! Reyes has been on the Mahaney Metals team for seven years, and he has extensive experience in metal roofing and sheet metal. Reyes moved to Wichita from Mexico 20 years ago. He has three kids, all in their 20s, and he enjoys fishing in his free time.

Reyes said that he loves the people he works with, the Mahaney culture and his role as Foreman.

"It's fantastic. I like taking care of the workers and making sure everything goes well. This is the best company I've worked for."

Reyes also said he likes being busy, and that one of his favorite parts of the job is the special attention Mahaney pays to safety.

"Everything is about safety. Mahaney is about everything being 100% safe. You always know you'll go home to your family."

He said that the safety aspect isn't just important for the company, but it's good for the workers. He appreciates that it is everyone's mission to go home safely.

Reyes is also grateful for Mahaney's family culture. After joining the Mahaney team, Reyes lost his brother and his mother within a few years of each other. He said that in both instances, he was able to take the time he needed to travel to Mexico and be with his family with the full support of his leadership.

"They support you. They really take care of every employee."

One of Mahaney's Pillars is Transforming Communities. This pillar means that everything we do as a company impacts not only our employees but our city and region. Reyes applies this way of thinking every time he works on a project.

"It feels great when a project is done, and you know it's been done safely."

Thank you for your years of great work and for helping us Transform Communities. Congratulations, Reyes!

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