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Champion Highlight | Mario Pedraza

This month's Champion is Mahaney Steel Foreman, Mario Pedraza. Mario did steelwork for Design Build Construction (D.B.C.) for eight years and joined the Mahaney team when D.B.C. became a division of the newly-formed Mahaney Group. Mario is December's Champion because of his commitment to our company value to work creatively. 

Mario grew up in California and moved to Kansas when he turned 19. He now lives in Wichita and enjoys playing sports with his two kids. 

Mario has not always worked with steel and metal buildings. He has experience in residential remodeling and pouring concrete for silos. When asked about his commitment to work creatively, Mario credited his past training with his passion for finding solutions to problems.

"The way I was trained was to know that there is always a solution. There's no saying 'I can't'; only 'I can.' Everyone makes mistakes, but everything can get fixed."

As a Foreman, Mario utilizes this skill daily as he is in charge of creating task lists and scheduling for his team. He enjoys scheduling to stay productive and making sure the people on his team are in the positions that best suit them. Work is not the only thing that's influenced Mario's passion for planning.

"I always lay out my day and three or four steps ahead. I used to play chess a lot."

Mario is a leader, and he enjoys leading by example. He is rarely in his truck as he is out on the job doing whatever he can to help his team.

"I'd like to give credit to everybody on the metal building side. I can't do it by myself."

Thank you for your hard work and creative problem solving, Mario! We are honored to have your skill and excellence on our team.

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