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Champion Highlight | Lupe Arguelles

This month's Champion is Lupe Arguelles! Lupe is the Superintendent on the Mahaney Roofing team. He has shown time after time that he is a terrific example of our company's value to Lead Well.

Lupe came to Mahaney three years ago, but he had gained experience in many areas of construction for nearly twenty years before that. Lupe said he believes it was his experience that helped him jump into this position at Mahaney.

"I was working for another company and doing jobs all over Kansas, then I heard about Mahaney. The job said they were looking for someone who knows what they're doing. And that's me!"

Lupe and his wife have seven daughters, and he enjoys that he's able to go home every night rather than working jobs all across the state. He knows and appreciates that it is always Mahaney's goal to get everyone home at the end of the day.

Another thing that Lupe likes about working at Mahaney is the culture. The recent acquisitions and rebrand could have been a stressful event, but thanks to the environment at Mahaney, it was a smooth transition.

“Mahaney is a good example for other companies. They make everything positive. I really like everything [about it].”

As a Superintendent, it is Lupe's job to prepare for the Foremen and make sure everyone starts their day on the same page. It is no small task as he leads a large portion of the roofing organization which includes eight full crews.

"It's a job, but for me, work is part of your life. You gotta love what you're doing. I love what I'm doing."

As a leader of a significant amount of people, Lupe knows it is a huge responsibility, and he takes it on with enthusiasm. He believes that being a good leader means motivating and encouraging your teams and keeping them happy.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to being a great leader!

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