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Champion Highlight | Julian Mayagoitia

This month's Champion is Julian Mayagoitia! Julian is a Metal Foreman on the Mahaney Metals team. He was selected to be our featured champion because he has shown how he can Lead Well during his time at Mahaney.

Thanks to years of construction experience, Julian brought many skills to the table when he joined the Mahaney team. He says he enjoys working with sheet metal and likes getting to do it for a growing company. It's not only the company that's growing; Julian sees the potential for career growth at Mahaney, too.

"The leadership does an excellent job here. It's easy to grow. There's more opportunity here than I've seen at other companies."

Julian says that he works with people who make coming to work enjoyable and calls his co-workers awesome people.

"They're easy to get along with and easy to work with. We don't have many problems!"

Something else we are all about is elevating our craftsmen. Julian is an excellent example of finding a balance between work and life as well as gaining valuable life skills through your career.

"Working here has helped me mature and made me more responsible."

Julian's leadership skills come in the form of educating other people on his team. He leads well by making sure his fellow champions learn skills expected of them on the job. He also helps ensure that they are aware of rules, regulations and how to work together. Ultimately, Julian says that leading well is about showing respect to everyone.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to being a great leader!

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