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Champion Highlight | Casey Fernett

This month's Champion is Mahaney Steel Ironworker Casey Fernett. He has been on the Mahaney team for seven months after relocating to Wichita. Casey is Champion of the Month because of his dedication to working creatively and finding solutions. Although he said he also lives out another one of our values: being positive!

As a member of the Steel division of the Mahaney Group, Casey likes getting experience in several disciplines. He says he enjoys working with a diverse team and gaining knowledge.

Casey says of all of the areas in his skillset, his favorites are welding and custom fabrication.

"I like making something from nothing. I can build anything from a race car to a building." 

Speaking of buildings, something Casey likes about living and working in Wichita is getting to see how his work impacts the city. He says he takes pride in seeing things he's worked on as the city grows.

"Twenty, thirty, forty years down the road, I can say 'I built that, and it's still there.'"

Casey grew up in southern California then spent a few years in Texas working on oil rigs. He moved to Wichita to be closer to his family, and he enjoys that his job at Mahaney has given him the work and life balance he was craving.

"I get to see my wife more that I'm not working 100-hour weeks. I want a good life, not just a paycheck."

Casey is a positive person and strives to look on the bright side of everything. He likes observing and learning how to work as a team and always focusing on the positives. He believes morale can make or break a team, especially in our industry. His advice?

"Don't worry. Be happy."

Thank you for your passion for working creatively and staying positive! We are honored to have your experience and solutions on our team.

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