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Aerial Thermal Inspections

Aerial Thermal Inspections

Mahaney Roofing offers the latest in roof inspections, which are aerial thermal inspections. Our aerial roof inspections utilize infrared thermography to find wet insulation and moisture intrusion within roofing systems. The nondestructive diagnostic testing method reveals thermal signatures caused by sub-surface moisture that has leaked under the roof layer.

Aerial thermal inspections are ideal for:

  • Commercial Flat, Insulated Roofs
  • Commercial Low Slope, Insulated Roofs
  • Commercial Roof Transition Areas (e.g. Roof-to-Roof or Roof-to-Wall)

Benefits of Aerial Thermal Inspections

  • SAFE

    "Traditional" roof inspections are dangerous, requiring inspectors to scale tall buildings, often at night.


    Aerial inspections are more efficient and precise, eliminating the need for inspectors to physically inspect the entire structure.


    Thermographic surveys offer a nondestructive method to assessing or locating problematic issues.


    Radiometric sensors allow us to collect precise data and suggest cost-effective solutions to help protect your investments.

Why Choose Mahaney Roofing

Our team of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed and insured Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots are committed to planning, preparing and executing safe and professional thermal evaluations. The thermal videos produced are then analyzed by our roofing experts who have more than 100 years of roofing experience in the greater Wichita metropolitan area. All videos are integrated into the customer's Roof Access portal for quick and easy access.

The Mahaney Roofing team is eager to provide an exciting new aerial perspective and find a cost-effective solution to your roofing needs.

Contact us directly at (316) 262-4768 to get started.

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