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Congratulations to our Champion of the Month, Jace Rider! Nearly 6 months ago, Jace joined the Mahaney Team as a Fleet Mechanic where he has quickly excelled.

When he’s working, Jace says, “I do everything I can to fix things and help where I’m needed.” He added, “that’s how I am; I like to keep busy.” Outside of work, you could find Jace spending time with his family, working on cars, playing cornhole and enjoying life.

One of Mahaney’s values is “Put Others First” a key principle that in order to gain the trust of others, we must put others first. When we put others first, good things happen.

Jace says he believes that this is achieved by helping to fix things so that people can keep doing their job and get their work done – this saves time, energy, and keeps everyone going. He said, “I like to think ahead and stay ahead of the game.”

Gerald Martinez, Logistics Manager, says, “I’ve been impressed by Jace, he puts others first daily. He comes in early to get the trucks fixed before the crew heads to their jobsite. He drops what he’s doing to take care of any urgent need, and he’s always thinking he needs to get the crew to their job over what he needs. That is a Champion.”

When asked how working at Mahaney has impacted his life, Jace says Mahaney has provided him with a position where he can do what he loves every day. He said he appreciates the team he has at Mahaney, and everyone seems to have good, respectful attitudes.

We are thankful to have you as a part of Mahaney, Jace, and that you continually Put Others First!




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