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Champion Highlight | Gerald Martinez

Congratulations to our August Champion of the Month, Gerald Martinez!

Gerald has been a thriving member of the Mahaney Team for nearly 7 years. After being in the Services division for only 9 months, Gerald’s hard work and dedication were quickly recognized and earned him a promotion to Foreman. It was about six months ago that Gerald moved into his current role as Logistics Manager, and he has continued to show his commitment to excellence in his new position.

At Mahaney one of our Pillars is Relentless Problem-Solvers: Impossible only means we have not found the solution yet. We make the impossible possible by giving our energy to the solution. This Pillar is one that Gerald has implemented to every aspect of his life and one his peers applaud him for. Belle Stewart, Vice President of Roofing, said, “Gerald never stops until he finds a solution for whatever dilemma he is faced with, and he will move mountains to help his team be successful.”

Gerald says being a problem-solver is a part of who he is, “I’m committed to everything running as smooth and excellent as possible. I won’t just let things go by. Any problem that is put before me I want to solve before I go home. It doesn’t matter who it is, if someone comes to me and says they need something, I will get it done or get them to the right place.”

Reflecting on how Mahaney has impacted his life, Gerald says, “I never thought I would be in this position that I am in now. I love it. I love being busy and solving problems. This is my favorite place I have ever worked.” He went on to add, “I’m thankful for my team and want to give them the credit – Seth, Fish, and Belle have been great and always willing to help.”

When he’s not at work, you can find Gerald watching movies and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

Thank you, Gerald, for problem-solving each and every day. We are proud to have you as a part of the Mahaney Team!

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