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Champion Highlight | Jeremy Weber

Congratulations to our June Champion of the month, Jeremy Weber!

Originally from Garden City, Kansas, Jeremy moved to Wichita in 2008. For nearly a year, Jeremy has been a Foreman for Mahaney’s Steel division, but he has been working in the steel trade for over 20 years doing both structural and metal buildings. Jeremy says, “I do the job and do it right. I like the change of pace, and I can show the team different things since I have been doing this job for a long time.”

One of Mahaney’s values is Work Creatively, the belief that we are a company of relentless problem-solvers. We will turn a challenge inside out or upside down to imagine a safer, more efficient, or more cost-effective solution. We continually ask the question- Is there a better way to do this? When we work creatively and challenge ourselves, we know we can make the impossible possible.

When asked of a time he believes he has implemented this value into his work, Jeremy says, “I work creatively every day. We run into a lot of challenges and have to find solutions. I have been doing this work for a while so I can use my knowledge and common sense to solve problems. I just figure it out and get it done. I have a good crew that works well together, and I want to give them a lot of the credit. That’s the reason I’m here with you today.”

Jeremy says Mahaney impacts his life by putting him in situations where he’s learning something new every day and challenged by the work he does.

When he’s not on the job site you can find Jeremy, working on his house that he rebuilt from the ground up, visiting family in Texas, spending time with his wife and children or riding his motorcycle.

We are proud to have you as a part of the team, Jeremy, and for your commitment to Working Creatively!


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