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Champion Highlight | Darrell Johnson

Congratulations to May’s Champion of the Month, Metals Superintendent – Darrell Johnson! Darrell was chosen to be the champion for his commitment to Lead Well. Kyle Harryman, Vice President of Metals said, “Darrell leads well by his example. He’s highly reliable and will always do things the right way.”

Born and raised in South Wichita, the youngest of 4 children, Darrell says “Mahaney gives me credit for 12 years here, but I have been doing sheet metal for 43 years. I met someone randomly right out of high school who asked me if I needed a job and I have been doing this ever since. Loyalty runs in my family.”

Darrell said the highlight of his job is starting new projects and having the same vision as the crew. Outside of work, Darrell enjoys working on vehicles and spending time with his two dogs.

“We have good people that work here. Good humans who are good at what they do,” Darrell said when asked about the culture of Mahaney. He went on to add that “Mahaney has allowed me to provide for myself and I have learned a lot about leadership.”

At Mahaney, one of our values is “Lead Well” a key principle that practices sharing our successes and being accountable for our failures, learning from them both so we can Lead Well.

Darrell said, “leading well means being able to get people with different backgrounds and personalities to work together and finish the jobs.”

We are proud to have you on our team, Darrell. Thank you for your years of excellent work and for your commitment to Lead Well!

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