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Champion Highlight | Vincent Fulghum



Congratulations to March’s Champion of the Month, Vincent Fulghum!

Vincent has been an invaluable part of our Services division for nearly 3 years. Originally from Augusta KS, better career opportunities brought Vincent to Wichita. Before Mahaney Services, Vincent had not worked in construction, but he was interested in roofing and wanted a change of pace from his job at a shooting range.

In his role with Mahaney Services, Vincent works alongside the foreman to assist with addressing customers needs which can vary from job to job. Vincent says his goal is to help his foreman as much as possible and make his job easier. Vincent says he enjoys working in Service adding that “the people around you actually care about you. They’re going to do anything in their power to help you succeed”. Explaining things further, he said, “things can be stressful, but they always take the time to be thorough which helps me”.

Vincent accredits Mahaney Group for giving him “opportunities, a better way of life, the ability to advance, and just chances to excel, elevate and grow”.

Outside of work, Vincent enjoys spending time with friends, driving around, or going to the shooting range.

Mahaney Group’s promise is “Excellence Elevated,” and is the concept that by solving problems with excellence, both the workman and the customer are being valued. This environment elevates the workman and the customer.

What does “Excellence Elevated” mean to Vincent? He says, “going one step further, not just doing what your asked to do but go beyond that to be as helpful as possible”.

Mahaney Group is proud to have Vincent on our team and as an example of our “Excellence Elevated” promise through dedicated, hard work.

Congratulations, Vincent!

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