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April Lyerla promoted to Controller

Mahaney Group is excited to announce the promotion of April Lyerla as Controller. The position will work closely alongside Mahaney Group CEO, Mark Bolt, to implement and execute accurate accounting processes and procedures. April will have the opportunity to lead Mahaney Group’s accounts payable and accounts receivable department and oversee all accounting operations.

April joined Mahaney Group in 2016 as Bookkeeper and quickly excelled in her position. In 2019 she was promoted to Accounting Manager which added more responsibility and leadership opportunities.

Now, five years later, as she looks ahead to her responsibilities within her new position as Controller, April has a clear vision of what’s ahead. “We have some clear-cut goals; they feel challenging but I’m excited to be working with Mark and taking over some of those higher-level tasks so that Mark can focus on other things.

For April, the tasks have the same goal in mind, “It’s identifying a hole in the accounting process, looking at where information doesn’t flow and then creating a process that makes it more efficient.”

While April has over 25 years of experience, she says “the whole journey has been the most challenging, but I love being challenged. The challenge itself is what draws me in.” She goes on to say, “I can’t be in a position where I am stagnant and bored, the challenge is what I live for.”

Throughout the course of her time at Mahaney Group, April says her recent growth and promotion is what she’s most proud of. “When I started at Mahaney, I didn’t feel qualified, so for someone who went to a small trade school to learn accounting, and for Mark to have  confidence in me says a lot in my ability to be able to do my job.”

In reflecting on her personal and professional growth, April credits Mahaney Group for that. “I’ve never worked for a company that is so focused on teamwork, I see the value in everyone, it’s something they live for, it’s a culture that radiates positivity.”

Congratulations, April! We’re excited to see you execute Excellence in your new position!!


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