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Champion Highlight | Jeiel Israel


Congratulations to our September Champion of the month, Jeiel Israel!

Jeiel joined Mahaney in February of 2020 and currently works as a Foreman in the Services division.  “I heard about Mahaney from a friend, who said he felt I’d be a good fit. I’m really hands on and I felt that my skill set matched [with Mahaney] so I went for it” Jeiel says.

At Mahaney one our Pillars is Committed to Excellence. We consistently pursue excellence in all aspects of business. You never have to ask permission to do the right thing, and you never regret it.

“Jeiel’s strong work ethic and customer service is amazing," says Tim Tyler, Superintendent of Services.

Originally from Wichita, Jeiel says Wichita is home. “It’s comfortable and all my friends and family are here.” While Jeiel describes his hometown as “comfortable," Jeiel constantly strives to push himself out of his comfort zone.

“I’m hard on myself. I’m going to work harder than everyone but to be competitive with myself, not everyone else.” Jeiel says this work ethic is something that he also tries to encourage his team members with.

“Even as a Foreman, I have the mindset that I am a laborer in everything that I do. My right hand is a direct reflection of me, so I encourage them to take the lead.”

When he is not actively working and challenging and encouraging his team, Jeiel likes to spend time with his kids. “I’m a father first, so spending time with my kids is important to me. I also enjoy reading the Bible.”

Jeiel goes on to say, “One day everything just clicked for me, and knew I had to change my life, reading the Bible, and observing feast days reflects that change I made for myself.  My name means carried away with God and I really felt like that was God speaking to me of the direction my life is headed now."

Jeiel praises the leadership and culture for the growth and lessons he has learned at Mahaney.

“The leadership here isn’t afraid to teach. [In general] people [can be] selfish with the knowledge that they have, but I learn from everybody here. The people are good. I also have to acknowledge and give a shout-out to my fellow Foreman, Antonio Tejeda, he's taught me a-lot.”

Jeiel says the positive impact that Mahaney has had on his life has taught him how to carry himself. “I’ve grown a-lot. The shared knowledge and the good traits that our leadership has taken on… I’ve learned how to talk to customers and how to carry myself.”

He adds, “Mahaney is more like a family, everyone is friendly. You can drop your guard here. You’re more comfortable so you’re eager and it’s easier to learn, it’s easier to ask questions, which gets you answers and answers give you results, and results get you to grow.”

When he shares what Committed to Excellence means to him, Jeiel says, “If you’re doing better than you did yesterday, then you’re going to continue to be great and get great results and people will see that. Eventually, that work ethic will rub off on others".

Thank you, Jeiel for encouraging your teammates to be Committed to Excellence!

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