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Champion Highlight | Gregg Brant

Congratulations to our August Champion of the month, Gregg Brant! Gregg has been with Mahaney for 3 years and is the Superintendent of Mahaney Steel.

Gregg was previously with Design-Build Construction Inc. since 2015, until its acquisition by Mahaney Group CEO, Mark Bolt in 2018.

At Mahaney one of our Pillars is Relentless Problem-Solvers: Impossible only means we have not found the solution yet. We make the impossible possible by giving our energy to the solution. This Pillar is one that Gregg has implemented to every aspect of his life and one his peers applaud him for.

“When I think of Relentless Problem-Solver I totally think of Gregg. He is always running around doing what is best for his crews, the customer, and the company”, says Morgan Cabral, Vice President of Human Resources.

Born and raised in Wichita, Gregg began his career at 16 years old, working alongside his stepdad. “My stepdad taught me  everything about metal buildings” says Gregg.

Gregg worked with his stepdad until his stepdad retired and moved to San Diego. He went on to pursue a degree in Architecture at Oklahoma State University saying, “I wanted to problem-solve on a new level so that’s why I went.”

However, plans changed quickly for him. “I didn’t complete my degree because I honestly missed the field so much. I became a Foreman within a year, and I ran with it.”

Now as a Superintendent Gregg applies his problem-solving skills when he works with his crews. “When we arrive on a job site, I have a meeting with my guys and try to pick their brain and challenge them to think outside the box.”

Gregg says he’s learned these skills through working at Mahaney. “The leadership and growth mentality that is here…  is something I want for these guys. The future for my guys here is bright. I don’t want them to hit a ceiling, I want them to push past what they’re capable of doing.”

When he’s not Elevating his team and actively thinking outside the box, you can find Gregg working on his 67’ Chevy Stepside, going off roading or fabricating.

Gregg says being a problem-solver is a part of who he is, “Give me five minutes and I can find a solution.” He goes on to say, “If you can’t find the answer, there are so many people who can, get other people involved, reroute and go a different direction.”

Thank you, Gregg for problem-solving each and every day!

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