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Champion Highlight | Devin East

Congratulations to our July Champion of the Month Devin East!

Devin began his career at Mahaney 8 months ago as a Metal Fabricator in the Metals division. “My dad Mark East is the head Metal Fabricator at Mahaney, and I went to college and majored in construction sciences, so I am familiar with sheet metal work” he says.

Born in Wichita, Devin spent some time in California in San Fernando Valley then returned to Wichita about 4 years ago. “I went to California once I graduated from high school to help my dad- who at the time was at a small sheet metal company, that’s where I really learned about sheet metal."

As a Metal Fabricator, Devin spends his time in the shop laying out designs, cutting and drawing for all the products that are fabricated by Mahaney and runs the ACM panel.

At Mahaney one of our Values is to Be Positive- the belief that when we approach our work with a positive attitude, we create an energy that allows us to overcome difficulties. Bringing a positive attitude to work each day balances the grit and determination we use to get things done.

Devin praises and credits the positive attitudes and culture at Mahaney. “The culture here is very productive, everyone is positive and has respect for each other and nobody oversteps that boundary...we all have the same goal in mind and we all work towards that.”

In reflecting on how working at Mahaney has impacted his life Devin says, “It’s been great, I have much less stress and pressure- the pressure is still there but in a different way, it impacts everyone in a positive way.”

Devin also shares how being positive affects his work, “I think when you’re positive it affects those around you. When people are sharing the positivity, the project is more easily obtainable no matter what the project is.”

Thank you for spreading positivity to those around you, Devin!


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