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Victor Martinez Promoted To Project Manager of Roofing


Mahaney Group is excited to announce that Victor Martinez has been promoted to Project Manager of Roofing.

Born and raised in Mexico and the oldest of 4, Victor moved to Madison Nebraska at 15 with his family. Once in Madison, shortly after starting high school, Victor joined the Army at 17 for basic training and went to Kuate, Iraq.

Victor started as a laborer in Mahaney’s Service division under Tim Tyler, current superintendent of Service. “I became a Foreman after about a year and a half and then I moved out to Ark City to our satellite location. I was in Ark City for a while and then got called asking if I wanted to come back." It was here that Victor was presented the opportunity to step into leadership role as a Superintendent.

While in his role as Superintendent of Service, Victor oversaw 8 crews, managed schedules and mentored the team. “I mentor the team because I want them to be better in life and I wish someone had done that with me when I started at Mahaney”.

When he is not mentoring his team, you can find Victor fishing.

Victor says his favorite part about Mahaney is that it “feels more like family. It feels like comfort. I can come to them with anything.”

As he looks ahead to his new role, Victor shares how working at Mahaney has impacted his life and what advice he would give his fellow crew members. “I feel like you have a future here. It’s all about the hard work you put in.”

When asked what advice he would give his team now regarding what it means to be a leader, and how to apply Mahaney's purpose, promise and pillars into their work, Victor says, “overtime, I have learned to listen. Think before you say something, put yourself in [the other person’s] situation. Think of the impact.”

Looking towards the future, Victor says “I’ve grown so much over the years [at Mahaney] that I have gotten comfortable being uncomfortable. I would have never imagined being here, no one expects anything out of roofing. It is just a job- that is the expectation but [at Mahaney] it’s more than a job. We are a family”.

We are so proud of your accomplishments, Victor! Congratulations!

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