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Rudy Ramirez Promoted to Employee Development Coordinator

Mahaney Group is excited to announce the promotion of Rudy Ramirez as the Employee Development Coordinator. The new position, which will focus on employee training and development, is new to Mahaney Group.

The inception of this new position allowed for VP of Human Resources, Morgan Cabral to apply a couple of Mahaney’s values and pillars: Work Creatively and Creating Opportunities for Others.

“In the summer of 2020 we did stay interviews, and one thing we kept hearing was the desire for more training” says Morgan. She goes on to say the experience gave her the opportunity to invest and prioritize trainings. "We knew we wanted to hire someone who had a background in construction and was bilingual in Spanish, hiring Rudy was an opportunity to advance someone who was already in the company” she says.

Rudy started his career at Mahaney in the field in 2018. “I worked as a regular laborer in the roofing division for about a year and a half, and then I became a Foreman.”

After two years leading as a Foreman, Rudy says he is still adjusting to his new role. “This role is totally different from what I was doing. I went from being outside every day, to being at a computer, learning new skills. It’s a completely different training process.”

Rudy says learning these new skills has been the most challenging and rewarding thing about his new role. “I’m not just learning a new job; I’m learning how to apply these things to my life. I’m learning better leadership and communication skills. I’ve been learning a-lot of grammar and vocabulary. It’s helped me communicate better.”

The change in position and scenery has given Rudy a new perspective and appreciation for each division. “Coming from the field, [we] have no idea what it looks like internally. I have such a better understanding of the internal side of things, and I share that with the guys [in the field’’].

Originally from Teocaltiche, Mexico and the middle child of 6, Rudy moved to Wichita with his family when he was 3. “My dad has been a welder for 22 years. I worked with him growing up, as a painter. My work ethic comes from him. He always told my siblings and I to work hard.”

When he’s not in trainings, you can find Rudy hosting family cookouts with his wife and three kids or riding his Quarter horse. “I’ve been riding for ten years” he says.

As he looks forward to the next year, Rudy is excited to grow and set goals in his new role. “My goal is to train these guys before they go out to the field and give them an idea of what they’re going to be doing. I want to create an actual training because I’m training the new hires, teaching them basic knowledge so that they can complete the jobs.”

Congratulations, Rudy! We can’t wait to see you grow in your new position!



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