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Mahaney Group Celebrates Facility Management Appreciation Month

Mahaney Group is celebrating and recognizing Facility Managers in the community we live and work and noting May as Facility Management Appreciation Month. In conjunction with World FM Day, which was celebrated on May 12, Mahaney Group is celebrating facility managers the entire month of May.

Mahaney Group, along with IFMA Wichita, will be celebrating the entire month of May by highlighting local Facility Manager members through our e-newsletter and social media platforms.

The City of Wichita proclaimed  May 12 as World FM Day on May 11 and the State of Kansas proclaimed World FM Day May 12th, on May 6, at the IFMA Wichita meeting. Damon Young, Mahaney President, Bobby McCrary IFMA Wichita President Elect, and Susan Lentz IFMA Wichita President are pictured with the State of Kansas Proclamation.

Damon Young, Mahaney Group President, has been instrumental in helping elevate the facility management profession. Over the course of Damon’s involvement in IFMA, he has worked with other IFMA members and representatives with Wichita State University College of Engineering to establish a degree with an emphasis in Facilities Management. In 2020, the program was launched at WSU joining a small list of other colleges who offer FM degrees.

Damon says, “Mahaney Group supports the initiatives of IFMA Wichita and WSU to establish this degree and elevate facility managers in our area. This is a great way to tie in the local facility management industry and the students.” Students are signing up for the program and the first summer internship will occur at Textron this summer.

FM teams have stood at the forefront in making environments and digital platforms available to meet unanticipated demands and have been significantly important in keeping many sectors operating throughout the last year. The FM profession and industry has been in the spotlight for enabling the built environment, business and society to be open and transparent in an often shuttered and closed world.

As the business community looks forward and plans for wider return to new environments and help with both the day-to-day operations and also influence on strategic input on how business adopt strategies to meet the new post pandemic world, facility managers are in a new place of belief and trust for FM sector and stand tall and proud of what members have achieved and will continue to do. This new respect for FM teams that has been earned over the past 12 months enables FM to stand tall beyond the pandemic.

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