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Project Profile | Cypress45

There’s a new addition to the northeast Wichita area. Welcome to "Cypress45" - new, innovative, customizable commercial spaces intended for small businesses and start-ups.

Longtime partners of Mahaney, W.A.M. Capital Corp. developed the site. Kirby Building Systems designed the plans, and Mahaney Steel constructed the three buildings. W.A.M. Capital now manages and leases the new commercial spaces.

The Goal

When talking first steps, Damon Young said, “Any project starts with the owner’s dream.

In this case, the dream was to help get start-ups into a commercial real estate space that could cater to a small business’ needs.

W.A.M. Capital Vice President Chris Madsen said, “This is a little bit of a departure from what we normally do... A lot of the businesses we work with are locally owned. A lot of them may have started in someone’s home or garage, and this might be their first step into a commercial real estate space.”

Each space inside the three buildings can be custom-fit for the needs of the tenant, and these capabilities come from early planning with Kirby Building Systems. For example, adding framed openings to the building’s structure accommodates future doors, windows and overhead doors.

The Result

Driving by, the facilities are eye-catching. Along with an on-time completion and coming in under budget, creating something aesthetically pleasing was a goal from the start.

Damon said, “One of the goals was to take the low cost of a pre-engineered metal building and add architectural elements and features that really make the project stand out.”

To accomplish this goal, Mahaney Steel used Pac-Clad architectural panels, Mapes canopies over each entrance, and attractive building numbers and glass storefronts.

Damon said, “The team came together and were able to make a product that we can all be proud of for years to come.”

About Mahaney Steel

Mahaney Steel designs, supplies and erects metal buildings. When other divisions come alongside and contribute their area of expertise, each division can excel in their own right.

Mahaney Group are workmen created with the limitless ability to positively impact our families, company, community and country. We’re also committed to elevating excellence in all that we do. This project was no different. Any project is a chance to create opportunities to elevate not only our customers and our projects, but the craftsmen themselves.

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