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Champion Highlight | Joe Smith

Congratulations, Joe Smith for being this month's Champion! Joe is a Foreman on the Mahaney Services team, and he has been with the company for just over three years. Joe is an excellent example of our company's value to Be Positive.

Joe grew up in Colorado and spent his teen years in Wichita. He has worked in construction since 2007 and has experience in masonry, steel buildings, and roofing. Now, Joe is Rockin that positivity as a Foreman in our Services division.

"People call in when they have leaks in their buildings, and we go in and locate the leak and come up with a solution to stop it."

As a father of four, Joe appreciates the priority that family takes at Mahaney.

"When I first started, I met Mark [Bolt], and he was all about being family-oriented. If you were willing to work, he was willing to do everything he could to make sure you could provide for your family. He says everybody here is a Champion because we make the sacrifice to come in every day to make sure you can provide for your family.”

Throughout his time here, Joe has enjoyed gaining work and life experience, which he says has been a fun journey. He has liked the effect the recent merge has had on each team's capacity.

"The guys you work with have a lot of knowledge they can share. It makes each team more diverse as people come in with different skills."

Joe says he enjoys doing what he gets to do and feels support from the whole company to keep growing and learning. Thanks for being a significant, positive influence in the Mahaney family!


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