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Mahaney is Dedicated to Community Investment and Transformation

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” These words spoken by Colin Powell strike a chord with us at Mahaney because we are dreamers who love hard work.

Our dreams and vision of hard work extend beyond our trade to the transformation that they produce in our people and community. When companies like ours dream big and take risks through investment, the investments extend beyond just real estate and property.

More Than Real Estate and Property

First, the investments include the individuals who perform the “sweat” and skilled workmanship required to turn the dreams into a reality. Mahaney proudly self-performs our work and invests in the lives of our employees, many of whom are climbing their way out of poverty.

We have learned that poverty is about more than the wage earned. Poverty is defined simply as “a lack of resources,” and that “lack” is multi-faceted and affects each of us. One of the biggest opportunities we see is the ability to impact what one author calls “a positive future story.”

Second, when companies like Mahaney grow, it has a positive impact on our whole community. The most sustainable development is one that transforms not just the property and those “sweating” on the project, but also those living in the community that the property serves.

What Can Your Company Do?

Developers and contractors have a common attribute of a vision for transformation. We do not see the impossible and broken— instead, we see the possible and the restored. It is a valuable quality and it is our hope that we can encourage other developers and contractors to apply this vision and dream to their projects and their people.

When developers and contractors choose professional and self-performing tradesmen like those at Mahaney, then the community partnership deepens as investments are made into the multi-tiered local, state and federal tax systems; employees; equipment and materials; and further growth.

To our friends and partners, we would ask: What is the “positive future story” we are telling ourselves about our community’s future? Have we taken stock of the larger impact we are making in our community? Making an impact within our community is something that truly warrants pride. Additionally, are we considering the extent to which we really need one another?

Transforming Lives and the Community Together

At Mahaney, we believe that with God’s grace, some big dreams and hard work, we can transform our community and build bridges to a thriving and abundant life. Such transformation happens one day, one person, and one project at a time.

This year, Mahaney celebrates our 130th anniversary. We are focusing our resources on shared transformation, and we are thankful for the opportunity to partner with other companies to transform lives and the community together.

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