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Mahaney Vice President Presents Innovative Session at Kan-Struct 2018

The Mahaney Roofing Company family was pleased to see many attendees at the Kan-Struct 2018 Conference, which featured our very own vice president, Damon Young. Young presented an innovative session on Friday, March 2, that discussed a solution for the shortage of skilled workers our industry faces.

“In our research of the workforce development needs within our industry,” said Young, “We have come to the conclusion that there are many skilled workers or those with the potential that simply need help combatting poverty and brokenness.”

The popular session discussed ways we can combat aspects of poverty in our own lives as well as how to restore people experiencing brokenness to a state that allows them to thrive as skilled workers. Young contended that the construction industry is uniquely qualified to tackle poverty for two reasons: (1) Leaders in construction have vision for restoration, so why not apply that vision to people in the same way we do projects? (2) Our industry has a well-documented need for skilled workers.

Mahaney has tried many approaches to develop our workforce. Such efforts have included an emphasis on what one researcher calls a “Positive Future Story” through the Mahaney “Hope and a Future” company orientation and culture building. Additionally, we have implemented leadership training that can build on the motivation and start to translate into actual skills to navigate life’s challenges.

“We have seen a big impact from our efforts,” said Young. “I encourage other companies in the construction industry to learn more about ways they can help combat poverty and brokenness for the betterment of each individual, the overall company and the entire community.”

Learn More About Overcoming Poverty and Brokenness

More of Young’s thoughts on overcoming poverty and brokenness will be featured in an upcoming article in The Wichita Business Journal. We will be sure to share the article in our Newsroom and via social media. You can also learn more from sources that have impacted our beliefs on the topic:

  • “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” by Ruby Payne
  • “When Helping Hurts” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
  • “Your Leadership Edge” by Ed O’Malley and Amanda Cebula
  • “Six Sources of Influence” by Joseph Grenny
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