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FCS Contractor of the Year


Mahaney Roofing Company, Inc. was named the 2015 FCS Contractor of the year. Competing against over 240 other roofing companies nationwide, Mahaney is honored to be receiving this recognition. The FCS Contractor of the Year was announced at this year’s awards banquet in Nashville, TN where Mahaney’s Vice President, Damon Young, accepted the award. Mahaney wants to thank our roofing, service, and sheet metal foremen for this achievement, without them, this recognition would not have been possible.

Vice President, Damon Young, responded to a few questions regarding the award presented to Mahaney this year:

What determining factor, in your opinion, led to Mahaney being named as the 2015 FCS Contractor of the year?

"I think there were 2 determining factors in us being selected. We implemented the program across the board from the highest level to the field and also we have transferred our perspective to that of a service contractor who thinks about the overall life cycle of the roofing asset and then uses the system to monitor that life cycle."

What future goals do you have for Roof Access?

"The next major goal I have for Roof Access is to educate our clients more on the benefits and get more and more of them using the mobile app."


What is FCS? Roof in your hand

FCS is a software company that supports service organizations who fully implement data management. Mahaney uses this program daily to provide the best service for their clients. The program allows clients to view the actual repairs from the roof along with full access to warranties, invoices, and other data regarding their roofs. Mahaney's Roof Access program has helped Mahaney tremendously over the years track the information they need in order to plan, prevent, and prepare for all clients.

"Mahaney is one of those companies that just gets it. They understand exactly what their customers want, and they put it first. I have seen Mahaney's commitment to technology and service transform their entire business. We are proud to recognize Mahaney as the 2015 FCS National Contractor of the Year. Their Roof Access program is something to be proud of!"
- Will Riley | FCS Control

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