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Ross Way – Anderson Management

One of our Pillars at Mahaney Group is to be relentless problem-solvers. We love solving problems for our long-standing, trusted partners. An example of this Pillar is our relationship with this month's featured Advocate, Ross Way.

Ross is a Partner at Anderson Management, a local company currently managing and leasing close to one million square feet of property. They have used Mahaney's roofing services consistently for over 20 years.

"They take care of all of our roofs on all of the facilities we manage. It's worked out well," Ross said, "They really do a great job."

Our Roof Access online feature is something Ross has found valuable. He appreciates the efficiency and simplicity of logging in, selecting the property, and having the work done in 24-48 hours. One instance where it came in handy was when they experienced a fire in one of their properties.

On a Friday night, a fire broke out, and the fire department had to cut holes in the roof to fight the fire. Within twelve hours, a Mahaney team was onsite with a temporary repair to protect the building from an impending rainstorm.

It's this kind of problem-solving and service that keeps Ross coming back to Mahaney for any new projects.
"We get a lot of calls from other companies wanting to handle our roofing needs," he said, "but there's no reason to change with the way Mahaney takes care of us. They make my job easy."  Ross would recommend Mahaney because of our dependability, efficiency, and quick response time. How can we relentlessly problem-solve for you?  To find out more about the Mahaney Group click here.

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