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Champion Highlight | Gerald Martinez


February's Champion is Mahaney Services Foreman Gerald Martinez. Originally from Salina, Gerald moved to Wichita to be closer to his family three years ago. He joined the Mahaney team and quickly received a promotion to Foreman after just nine months. 

Gerald is being featured this month for the way he displays the company value to Put Others First. He is an excellent advocate for the people he works with in Services and loves to see them succeed.

"Thinking of others first means that when one of my guys does well, I give them credit. They need to know when they're doing something well."

A few of his team have become foremen after a short time, similar to his own journey. He said he is proud of them, but sometimes he selfishly wishes he could keep them!

Gerald puts others first within the Mahaney team, but he also is committed to customers - even if that means being on a roof in the rain.

"I always try to do what the client wants, when they want. When it's pouring rain, ...I want to get up there and stop the leak because that makes the company look good. The customer is the most important, and we try to keep them happy."

This mindset became critical to him during his very first job working in his grandpa's auto body shop. His grandpa taught him that happy customers bring more customers and that it is essential for people to be able to trust you. Gerald says that this value has helped him at Mahaney and now has property managers who will call him directly when a need comes up.

Something Gerald says he loves about working here is the way that employees are treated and valued. He gave an example of bad weather days. Instead of being sent home, employees are brought in and given opportunities to learn and train alongside their Foreman in different job scenarios.

"I never really liked going to work before. But I have never felt that way getting up in the morning getting to come to Mahaney. I can't believe the opportunities I've gotten. It's been fantastic to be able to get experience in leadership."

He says he loves being busy, but when he's not working, Gerald loves watching football and hanging out with his wife and dogs. His hope for 2020 is that Services continues growing.

"I just hope that Mahaney does well and keeps doing well. This has been my favorite place I've ever worked."

Thank you for your years on the team and for always putting others first. Your leadership is crucial to the team. Thank you, and congratulations, Gerald!

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