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Champion Highlight | Sharon Etheridge


April’s Champion of the Month is Sharon Etheridge!

Sharon began working for Mahaney in August of 2019 as an HR Intern. If you ever get the chance to ask her about her first day, you won’t regret hearing about it!  She quickly excelled and was hired full time as an HR Coordinator in November of 2019 all while finishing her master’s degree at Wichita State University. She was then promoted to HR Generalist a year later and was promoted again in November 2022 to HR Manager, the role she still currently holds.

Sharon described her tasks at work by saying “I do a little bit of a lot of things. I’m literally a human resource”. She enjoys assisting employees, making sure everyone is taken care of, and that both the employee and company benefit from her work. She enjoys seeing people “happy and thriving”.

Sharon was born in Wichita, Kansas but moved away when she was 3 years old and spent most of her life residing in Longview, Texas. When she was scouting schools for her master’s program, Wichita State University was a top pick because of the exceptional program they offered. It also didn’t hurt that some of her family had moved back to Wichita, so she came full circle and now lives where she first did! Wichita is lucky to have her.

Outside of work you’ll find Sharon bike riding, doing stuff outside, traveling when possible, and discovering adventurous stuff to do around Wichita. She is still trying to get to know the city so appreciates all the recommendations! She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Brad, and two dogs Toby and Winnie.

When asked why she works at Mahaney, Sharon responded with “I genuinely love coming to work every day. I love feeling like I can make an impact and see people be successful. The leaders here instill those thoughts in me, and I feel supported”. She also said she appreciates that Mahaney treats people like people rather than a number. She describes the culture as positive, heavy on teamwork, and being surrounded by high achievers that are always willing to help the company as a whole.

Sharon says that Mahaney has impacted her life because it has let her see her potential. She’s grown so much and feels fortunate for the opportunity because her background is in restaurant management rather than in HR or an office role. She was initially intimated by the construction industry but has grown to love it. She also said that she’s always been encouraged to grow, give opinions, dream and appreciates the stability the company offers.

Sharon has been selected for Mahaney’s value “Put Others First”. She was nominated by Morgan Cabral because she believes that Sharon lives out this value every day. Morgan commented with “It won’t take you long to realize that Sharon is giving, kind, and positive. The value of putting others first fits Sharon to a tee. It’s engrained in who she is as person, and I feel extremely fortunate to know her and have her be a part of my life”. When Sharon was asked about what the value “Put Others First” means to her, she felt awkward at first for being recognized, but ultimately said that she always wants to be perceived that way, so this recognition means a lot to her. She finds satisfaction in putting others before her and operates under the thought that if she can’t find a good reason to say no, she’s going to say yes. She attributes this value and moral to being rooted in her at an early age by her parents.

Sharon believes that the values we have at Mahaney are a foundation to how we try to exemplify our work every day. “You too can put others first” Sharon shares.

Mahaney is proud to have Sharon represent our company and support the people who make it what it is.

Congratulations Sharon!

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