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Champion Highlight | Matthew Graham


Congratulations to our Champion of the month, Matthew Graham! Matthew is a metal building erector for Mahaney Steel.

Matthew was selected as Champion for his commitment to Transform Communities. At Mahaney Group, we believe that our work is a part of a larger chain of impact that has the power to transform communities.

Originally from Wichita, Matthew shares how the generosity of the community allowed him to overcome many challenges and obstacles; Matthew experienced homelessness for 5 years and shares how those resources, such as Paxton’s Blessing Box, within the community provided for him during that time. In December 2021, Mahaney Group came together and committed to carrying out the vision of transforming communities by organizing a food drive. Matthew shared about the personal impact Paxton’s Blessing Box had and encouraged that the items be donated to the organization, a request that was unanimously carried out by the employees at Mahaney Group.

“For so long, they gave me so much and now I feel like it’s my turn to give back.” Now Matthew and his family are active in their volunteering within the community.

“I have 4 kids, and my wife and I run charitable 5K’s. Our family volunteers at Bike Walk Wichita every Thursday.”

Matthew also found staying active as a resource when he made a personal choice to transform his own life. “I’ve been sober for 2 years, running helped me reach sobriety and now it’s something we [my family] do together.” Matthew’s active lifestyle includes, running, hiking, and kayaking with his family.

During his time at Mahaney Group, Matthew has seen the positive impact his work has had on his life.

“Working at Mahaney Group has boosted my confidence”, he says. “Seeing the final product and always trying the best that I can, it not only makes the work easier, but it makes life easier.”

Matthew also credits the positive work culture at Mahaney Group; “You’re only as good as everybody on your crew. We all work hard to keep each other motivated, upbeat and we’re always willing to listen to each other”, adds Matthew.

As for what “Transform Communities” means to him, Matthew says, “always try to participate in what’s going on in your community, support local events, support local businesses. Try to be an asset to your community.”

Thank you, Matthew, for committing your time to Transforming Communities!

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