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Champion Highlight | Angel Alatorre Ayala


Congratulations to our June Champion of the month- Angel Alatorre Ayala! Angel started his career at Mahaney as a laborer in the Roofing division in February of 2021. Prior to his start at Mahaney, Angel was enlisted in the Marine Corps as a machine gunner. Angel was active in the military from 2017 to 2020. “I got out of the military to be closer to my family. When I left, I was ranked as a corporal” he says.

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico Angel says his mom came to the U.S. when he was 3 years old, leaving him and his twin sisters behind.  In 2007, they joined his mom and younger sister in Dodge City, KS. Angel tragically lost his mom and younger sister in 2011 in a car accident leaving him and his twin sisters to be put up for adoption. Even though Angel and his twin sisters were adopted by different families they were able to stay in touch and keep contact.  During this time his dad was still in Mexico and because of these events, it led him to search for his dad. “I went to Mexico in 2016, and I met him for the first time. Now I talk to him every week, I’m exactly like him.” Angel says.

While Angel and his twin sisters are still in the U.S. Angel says his dad remains in Mexico with his kids. “I now have a brother and sister from my dad’s side."

One of Mahaney’s values is Work Creatively, the belief that we are a company of relentless problem-solvers. We will turn to a challenge inside out or upside down to imagine a safer, more efficient, or most cost-effective solution. We continually ask the question- Is there a better way to do this? When we work creatively and challenge ourselves, we know we can make the impossible possible.

When asked of a time he believes he has implemented this value into his work, Angel says, "the Marine Corps taught me one of my favorite sayings, “adapt and overcome” when we’re on a job site, we always work together to find creative ways to adapt in order to successfully get the job done.

Angel says working with a crew reminds him of his time in the military. “In the Marine Corps, you don’t know who you’re working with, but you know that you have their back and they have yours. It’s the same here. It’s also very diverse, like the military, we have people here that I don’t think I would have ever worked with if it wasn’t for Mahaney.”

Angel says Mahaney has given him a consistent way of living after his time in the military. “I’m still working hard, and I stay busy. The people I work with aren’t secluded and they take the time to teach me hard things. I like the consistency of it all” he says.

When he’s not working, you can find Angel playing guitar, at the gym or spending time with his dog, Azul.

We are so proud of your ability to adapt and overcome no matter the challenge, Angel! Continue to Work Creatively and strive for Excellence!


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